How to make Delicious, fresh orange juice with a Vitamix blender?


There are many ways to make a delicious glass of orange juice. But how do you know which one is the best? One method that may be underutilized is using a Vitamix blender, as it can help create an exceptionally smooth and flavorful drink. The Vitamix blender is a great kitchen appliance for making fresh, healthy juice from whole oranges. With the right ingredients and some simple how-to instructions, you can have delicious orange juice in just minutes! In this blog post, we will walk through how to use your Vitamix for making fresh orange juice with peel.

vitamix orange juice recipe

Ingredients to make orange juice with vitamix :

– oranges (washed and dried)

– water (optional)

Directions to make orange juice with vitamix:

– Make sure your oranges are clean and completely dry before adding them to the blender.

– Slice each orange into quarters, leaving the peel on if desired. Place in Vitamix container with water (if using). If you prefer pulp, then add a little bit of water first so that it doesn’t get stuck under the blades. The less liquid added at this stage, the thicker/tarter your drink will be!

– Process oranges on the highest speed for 30 to 60 seconds, depending how much pulp you want. If using water, add more at this point until you reach your desired juice level!

– Enjoy immediately or store in an airtight glass container in the refrigerator. The juice will last up to three days if stored properly.

Can I put a whole orange into my Vitamix blender?

Yes, but it may be difficult to get all of the meat out after processing since most people do not enjoy having fruit stuck under their blades! To avoid this problem, cut each piece of fruit so that they are easy to remove and place them inside without any peels first. It is also helpful to add water when processing the fruit. If you prefer pulp in your drink, then make sure not to add too much liquid!

You can also try making orange juice with a juicer instead if preferred. Not only is it easier to clean up after using this appliance, but many people find that they get more flavor and nutrition from fresh juices made through this method than blended drinks. The Vitamix blender still does an excellent job at creating delicious beverages by blending whole fruits together, so consider how best fits into your own lifestyle before deciding which one will be used on a regular basis!

Is it ok to make vitamix orange juice with peel?

Yes, you can make fresh and healthy orange juice with peel (and peels) if that is how you prefer to do it. Most recipes will tell you how many oranges to use based on how much juice they want in the end result, though there are some people who simply throw all of their fruit into the blender whole without removing any part at all!

If using water instead of pulp or mixing together different types of citrus fruits for a refreshing drink throughout warmer months , then making sure not to add too much liquid during this stage is important so that your finished product isn’t too thin or runny. Vitamix blenders work best when following instructions closely while creating delicious beverages.

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