7 Best Halo Strap For Oculus Quest 2 (2023) – Elite Straps Alternative

Are you a oculus quest 2 user and not happy with the elite strap? This review will definitely gonna help you to find the best halo strap for oculus quest 2.

Halo strap is the best opponent against your elite strap and comes with so many facilities that take your gaming experience to the next level.

If you don’t feel comfortable during gameplay with oculus quest 2 because of the head strap, then there will be nothing to do with the best quality vr router.

In the end, you may end up switch yourself to the vr ready laptop. To prevent this type of dilemma you must need the best halo strap.

Halo strap packed with high-quality ABS plastic, PU foam cushion, 3D printed design, special quest 2 adapter, and durable materials.

There we review 8 of the best halo strap which is compatible with oculus quest and quest 2. Also, you can use them for your oculus rift headset.

oculus quest 2 halo strap

Iovroigo Adjustable Halo Strap

The iovroigo Adjustable Halo Strap for oculus quest 2 is made with premium material to provide comfort feeling while gameplay. In the main body, they used high-quality ABS plastic, high-quality PU leather, and foam cushion which ensures that the surface is always kept clean, keep the strap smooth, and oft while playing with vr oculus quest 2.

It’s beautiful as well as durable since the parts of the headband have not been 3D printed so it can be used for long-term purposes. The adapter of this band adopts a rotatable adjustment method, which can be easily adjusted according to the personal head-wearing posture.

Because of the front to back 50:50 golden ratio, it can elastically support your head and maintain balance.

How to install it?

bind through

eye mask to cover

Insert a point on each side of the plug-in and attached the mission headset.

Plugins on both sides pushing hard to the bottom, slightly tight, and durable without sliding.

Install the strap inserted into the back end.

Rear knob is adjustable for a comfortable position

The consumer rohuf said to us “I was a little skeptical at first because of the limited reviews and cost; however, that quickly changed once I found the right positioning.” He also added, “I can finally play on Oculus for the life of the battery without getting a headache from using the factory head strap.”

Oculus Quest 2 Halo Strap

The Jayol Oculus Quest 2 Halo Strap is the best replacement for Quest 2 Elite Strap. The unique hat brim design distributes the pressure from multiple angles, in that way, there will be no pressure on the human head which has made this a great opponent for the oculus elite strap.

Also, this is gonna be the best halo strap for those who wear glasses, Only little adjustments between your headset and glasses, you can get a better experience than before.

As we mentioned before about tech memory foam material and ABS plastic is not only breathable but also works well for comfortable gaming. It adopts a rotatable adjustment method that allows users to enjoy 360-degree gaming with a more immersive experience. Via the round rotation button at the back, you can easily adjust the size of the headset, so you don’t need to hesitate in case if you can’t confirm the applicable size of the different heads.

It comes with 1 year of official warranty and 30 days of the return policy. Inside of the box, you will get 1 x Head Strap and 1 x VR Silicone Face Cover, installation guideline books, and a professional customer service warranty before and after purchase.

GOMRVR Adjustable Halo Strap

GOMRVR adjustable halo strap is one of the comfortable halo straps for oculus quest 2 because of its soft and big cushion built on the back. It comes with high-quality ABS material which enhanced the head support and stability.

The best part of this strap is its durability. As they didn’t make 3D print all parts of the headband, you can use it for a long time. It’s also easy to install and disassemble, the rear knob can quickly adjust the size and tightness. Talk about the golden ratio of the front and back, the halo strap device is 50:50, and it is comfortable to wear, without squeezing on the face and nose.

With the packet, you will get 1 Halo strap, 1 Head top belt, and 1 installation step diagram. The dimension of the halo strap is 6.97 x 6.77 x 3.9 inches and the total weight of this product is 9.81 Ounces.

Amanda shared her experience with halo strap and said “Today is the first day I am using it and I am amazed at how much better it feels than the original soft strap. Way less pressure on the nose and cheekbones.” Also said, “It is also way easier to put on when wearing glasses. Once tightened, I can just fold them back part up and put it straight on my face within seconds without any further adjustments.”

Ezioss Halo Strap

Ezioss Halo Strap is one of the best strap for oculus quest and quest 2. It’s the same as iovroigo Adjustable Halo Strap. It takes the pressure off of the front of your face and better distributes the weight of the headset across your entire head

This halo strap comes with a dial at the back to lengthen and shorten that loop to find the right fit for you. The Halo Strap fits and feels great, and it’s just as comforting as the Elite Strap. The Halo Strap, takes more of the headset weight off the cheekbone area of your face, at the expense of more weight on your forehead. To get the most support out of the Head Strap, put the rear padding at the low base of your head.

The padding protects the forehead and back of the head without making you feel any of the plastic to which it is attached. This is made of PU Leather, which can be easily wiped clean when it gets sweaty.

It allows the back of the ring to sit where you’d like it to on the back of your head. The best way to replace Quest 2 head strap, the Halo Strap fits and imitates the design of the Rift S and PSVR.

Protective Halo Strap

The new upgraded halo strap for Oculus quest 2, an alternative to oculus quest 2 elite, enhance the comfort of the elite strap. The ring design of the adjustable elite strap provides greater support, balances the weight of the Quest 2 VR, improving support and reducing head pressure, provides comfortable touch on the face.

The adjustable head strap for Oculus Quest 2 is equipped with a round button. This can be flexibly adjusted according to the individual and reduces the shaking force of the VR headset during use. The head strap is easy to install and detach.

It comes with a breathable foam pad made of PU. It’s removable, replaceable, easy to clean, vent design, breathable, and easy to dry, absorb sweat. The reinforced elite strap can adjust the comfortable angle at will.

The front-to-back weight ratio is the golden ratio 50:50, which elastically supports your head, can increase support and maintain balance. It holds the Oculus Quest 2 headset on your head much more securely and comfortably.

The halo trap uses high-quality ABS plastic to intensify the support and stability of the VR headset. The combined design of the halo strap consistently wraps the head to prevent the VR headset from sliding during games and extend the life of the elite strap.

Esimen K6 Adjustable Halo Strap

The Esimen K6 Adjustable Halo Strap is the cheapest halo strap for oculus quest 2. Also, it’s a great replacement device for the oculus elite strap which is pricey as well as uncomfortable.

It’s available in 6 different colors such as black, blue, green, red, white and yellow. You can pick any one of them depending on your taste. It comes with a soft cushion for Oculus Quest 2, ergonomic design, and breathable material that has made this comfortable to wear. The PU foam is very soft and suitable for the contour of the head which helps users play more comfortably.

It is flexible and adjustable according to individuals wearing postures, the rear fit wheel simply adjusts tightness with a quick twist to adjust headset height. It’s easy to clean, made of PU cushion that reduces head pressure and facial pressure effectively.

Point to be noted It can be adjusted up and down without disturbing the ears. So, If you face any problems during installation, please feel free to contact them, they will provide you instant support with a simple installation video. Read more: quest 2 USB c cable

BeswinVR Halo Strap

BeswinVR Halo Strap is the most durable halo strap for quest 2. It’s quest 2 adapter ready. You can install without any D.I.Y spacer. The new adapter tightens the fit with Quest 2 pretty well.

2020 ergonomic Designed head strap for Oculus Quest, No squeeze on face and nose, 50: 50 Balance weight between Oculus quest headset and head Strap.

Easy-to-use size adjustment dial and hard-sided construction, 99% comfortable like HTC Vive Audio strap. Inside of the packets, you will get 1x Halo Strap, 2x PU leather pad, 1x head top belt.

It’s made with 100% injection mold which made this thing more durable since it didn’t get any touch of 3D printing.

Diablo picalo said to us “Always hated how my face hurt after a long session with my Oculus Quest. I researched some alternatives and found this strap. I am happy I purchased it. Installation was fast, though removing the original side straps was scary. The comfort level is SO much better. The Quest looks even more premium as well.”

Picking Up The Best Oculus Quest 2 Halo Strap

Halo strap is far better than an elite strap. These are also cheap and very comfortable in different ways. They ensure not to feel any extra pressure on the head during gameplay with oculus quest 2. Those are easy to install and can be detachable effortlessly.

Our best halo strap for oculus quest 2 is the iovroigo Adjustable Halo Strap. It’s the most choices halo strap by consumers for their virtual headsets. Also if you need the best gpu for your pc to run oculus quest 2, you can our other articles.

Also, if you want the most budget-friendly halo strap for oculus quest 2 then Esimen K6 Adjustable Halo Strap would be a great purchase for you. It comes for only $25 which is $10-$12 less compared to other brands of oculus quest 2 straps.

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