How to fix ninja blender power light blinking?


If your ninja blender is no longer turning on, the power is not responding and it may be frustrating. Here are some ways to fix ninja blenders that won’t turn on:

5 Ways to Fix Ninja Blender Power Light Blinking

  1. The ninja blender may have tripped a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter), which often trips if there’s water near electricity. Plug your ninja blender into an outlet without one (if possible) and see if it works fine.

2) If your power cord is not plugin then your ninja blender won’t turn on. Connect the ninja blender power cord into an approved power source, then press the ninja button which will be found on the ninja blade assembly.

3) If your ninja blender has a speed dial nearby press it to start your ninja blender you might get another ninja warning light which you hold down for 10 seconds to reset it

***if these tips do not work try to find out why the ninja blender won’t turn up by taking off the bottom lid and make sure there are no obstructions in between where you plug in the ninja pitcher. Sometimes hair can get stuck in these grooves and prevent them from making contact with each other despite being plugged in. Clearing this away might just solve your problem if it’s just minor obstruction.

  • If your ninja blender is non-responsive, even after resetting it for 10 minutes, the ninja pitcher may have overheated. Let your ninja blender cool down for about an hour and try to use it again after this time period has passed.
  • Try plugging your ninja blenders with another power source. If another power source works without any problems, then it shows that the ninja pitcher or the cord is faulty. You can contact ninja blenders customer service number to get help with replacement processes in this case.
  • Your ninja blender might need a fresh electrical current instead of running on old electricity. Try plugging your ninja blender into a different outlet if possible. If none of these options work, you should probably buy a new ninja
  • If that doesn’t work, replace the batteries in your remote control. Finally, if none of these options succeed, ninja blenders may be broken and you should try ninja blender replacement services.

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