How To Use Juicer Blender – 9 Easy Steps


There are several juicers and blenders out on the market. But if you want to try juicing so it is not watery and watered down you need to get a juicer blender combo that works together in tandem with each other.

If you have already purchased the best juicer blender then next you need to know about how doest it work?

How does juicer blender work?

A juicer blender combo has settings for both juicing and blending. The juicer will juice the fruit and vegetables while collecting pulp into a separate container, and then send what’s left through a second part of the juicer which will make it into smoothie form. This second filter is called the strainer or sieve; this separates the juice from the pulp.

There is usually a third part to these machines which comes after this process where the juice goes through further filtration to obtain a clearer juicing liquid.

9 Steps to Use a juicer blender

If the process is clear for you, it’s time to do the real job, how to use a juicer blender? Below we are describing 9 easy steps to use a juicer blender without making any unintended hassle.

  1. Place juicer blender on a clean, dry surface.
  2. Unplug the juicer blender if it is plugged in.
  3. Place fruit or vegetable in a juicer blender.
  4. Plug juicer blender into an electrical outlet and turn juicer blender on by pushing the “Power” button on juicer blender’s control panel, if juicer blender has power button control panel.
  5. Press down to slow speed (if juicer blender comes with slow speeds).
  6. Press to high speed (if juicer blender comes with high speeds).
  7. Stop juicing when finished using a juicer or when finished using juice yield from juicing fruits or vegetables
  8. Unplug the juicer or unplug the juiced ingredients from juicing compartment.
  9. 9. Wash juicer blender components with warm water and mild soap, rinse juicer blender components thoroughly, dry juicer blender components with a clean towel, replace juicer blender’s juicing compartment back into juicer blender housing.

Is it worth to using a juicer blender?

You can get one machine that does both but it’s not necessary, you can get 2 different machines, for juicing and for blending.

Get the juicer blender combo first, you can experiment on your own with juicers or blenders but these machines work best when paired together. You don’t need to buy the exact model I have outlined below because there are many on the market that do both juicing and blending, you just need one that works well. To follow the list, you can check our article about this topic.

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