How To Program A Trail Camera: 5 easy Steps For Beginners To Professionals


After finishing the process of buying the Best game camera, another question arose: how to program a trail camera? If you have the same puzzle in your mind, then you’re in the right place, buddy.

There are only a few steps that you need to follow to set up your trail camera. If you go through those steps and follow the proper instructions that experts provided, you will never face any problem during the program and after with the trail camera.

Besides set up, here we described more about the right position for your game cameras, how you could choose the right batteries for your camera, and some secret hidden techniques to keep your trail camera from being stolen.

Step 1: Set up a trail camera

This is the very first step to complete once you got the camera. Some peoples find set up a trail camera difficult and face many problems to figure them out. Still, trail cameras are fairly easy to program if you follow your providing trail camera’s instruction manual. Most of the trail cameras have the same simple setup guideline such as

  • Insert your SD card 
  • Then, put the batteries inside your camera following the guideline below the SD card slot.
  • Now start the game camera and update it to the latest version.
  • After that, fix the right setting for your own; it depends on yourself which kind of configuration you want.
  • Finally, it’s time for a simple test at home to be sure that it’s working well.

Those cameras are simple to use and work well if you put them into a nice and secure place. So let’s move to the next step.

Step 2: Which type of batteries can give long life to my game cameras?

Batteries are usually of two types, Rechargeable and non-rechargeable. Rechargeable batteries are much cheaper than non-rechargeable batteries and not suitable for providing your trail cameras longer life. Everything depends on whether you invest in cheap rechargeable batteries that come with low experience or choose expensive batteries for taking a longer life.

Many trail cameras come with a rechargeable battery pack, which is the cheapest method of keeping your battery powered, and these batteries won’t last very long.

The next one is alkaline batteries, most of the trail cameras require these batteries to run their program, and they are not so expensive and comes with a minimum life.

On the other hand, Lithium batteries have the power to keep your trail camera last longer than any other battery. If your camera doesn’t have any excessive battery drain issues, then you can spend the whole hunting season with them.

Besides, some tail camera companies have their external power pack to provide your trail cameras a long life without any mess.

Finally, the most expensive option is solar panels, which keep your battery’s life high all-time with natural solar power and don’t let your camera die for an extended period and those are very reliable.

Step 3: Place your trail camera in the right position

The most important thing you need to consider is to place your trail camera at a perfect place where you can achieve your hunting or security goal; otherwise, your hard work and money will fall entirely in vain.

Put your trail camera every single location where you hunt, and this helps you to determine when to hunt that location and if you should hunt that location, 

It’s also going to tell you precisely what’s walking through. For example, someone got a big buck coming through every night at 5;30 in the evening, and it will alert you exactly everything at that time if only he put that camera in the right place.

Place your deer camera there, where they are traveling, and perhaps a deer feeder out in that area to draw those deer in, and this camera will take pictures and videos if you set it and tell you exactly what’s coming through and when.

This is a great resource to save your bunch of time and provide you the exact information, takes very decent quality pictures, and has infrared, so it’s taking nighttime pictures as well.

Step 4: Secure your camera

This is an essential step if only you really want to keep your camera from being stolen. Somebody will always try to steal your camera, and indeed, you don’t want to lose your money so quickly. 

Where you can spend over $100 bucks for a trail camera there, why don’t you invest in some bracket to secure your camera for a long time?

It’s not possible to completely avoid your camera from being stolen, there is always a high chance of losing your bucks, but you can make it a little difficult for the thief to steal your machine.

If you have got just bungee cords around your camera, so you made a golden opportunity for your thief, they are just going to come along, take these bungee cords off and run with your camera. As a result, you are never going to see it again.

All the game camera companies make their own external bracket that goes around for those particular models. 

What you need to do is purchase a bracket for your particular model and put your camera in the brackets then you have got 2 lag bolts for the right and left sides and a steel cable with a padlock. Set up those there perfectly where you want to place your camera.

As a result, if any teenagers are walking through there, and they will come close and look at it, they can’t remove it unless they come back with tools and saws or everything else. In this way, you can eliminate the crime of opportunity and secure your camera from dishonest and unethical persons.

Step 5: Hide your camera

After finishing the job of securing your camera, it’s time for another step where you can add extra security and hide your camera from others.

Most of the trail cameras are made of plastic and comes in several colors, so if you just keep your camera visible after all set up, you did complete the half task to secure your camera. 

Because in this way, you keep visible your cameras for other humans, hunters, animals, and even for a thief too. So you give all of them an open opportunity to easily target your camera.

That’s why it’s better to hide the camera inside the bush after setup, so no one can easily figure out actually where your camera is, and you can’t miss your targeted animal for hunting.

Final word

Trail cameras are not fancy and easy to use or program. Those game cameras are time savers for wildlife hunting and provide exact hunting opportunities for hunters. Also, they considered the best alternative option for home security too. These cameras come in a price range of under the $100 mark to 500 bucks. Those cameras are really worth money, and you can get your job done correctly.

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