14 Best Headphones For VR Oculus Quest 2 (2023)

If you are looking for the best headphones for VR oculus quest 2, you are sure to find them here. The market is flooded with different brands, models, features, and price ranges. It gets even more confusing if you are buying compatible wireless headphones and earbuds for oculus quest 2 which can give an immersive experience while gameplay. Here is a guide to help you choose the best headphones for oculus vr headset.


The SPECTRASHELL OQ9.2 is a custom-made earbud for oculus quest 2. It’s based on a single sound channel and features high-quality dynamic dual drivers 10 mm and 6mm, specially designed for gaming. In terms of external design, this earbud followed Ultra Flex silicone wire styled to look great with the vr headsets like Oculus Quest 2, rift s and valve index.

It’s capable to provide deep bass, crunchy mid-tones, and clear treble to ensure fully immersive gameplay. This earbud supports 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, high sensitivity for 101.6±3 dB @ 1 kHz SPL and low impedance for 16 ohms.

It comes with a Seamless In-Ear Vacuum which keeps the Earbuds Substantially in Place While Suppressing 94% of Undesired Sounds. It’s also capable of both Deep Prismatic Sounds and Light Fluttery Ambiance since it has been made for oculus quest 2 vr users in mind.

Logitech G333 VR Gaming Earphones

Logitech is a well-known brand in electronic accessories. Recently they launched their own oculus-ready earbuds named Logitech G333 VR Gaming Earphones. This is one of the best earbuds which is compatible with virtual reality headsets like Oculus quest 2, valve index, and more. It features a detachable 6mm boom mic.

This is officially designed for Oculus Quest 2 which plays a vital role in order to take you further into the virtual world by providing the smoothest sound ever. It’s a custom-length cable that based on a 3.5 mm aux connection provides minimal latency for optimal realism.

It also comes with dedicated drivers, one for highs/mids and one for bass, both help to produce detail-rich audio to perfectly recreate the VR ecosystem. The durability of this earbud is top-notch, three flexible soft silicone tips give you options for best fit into your ear.

Logitech G PRO Oculus Quest 2 Headset

Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset for Oculus Quest 2, with this name you may have understand the main motive of manufacturing these headphones. It’s an oculus ready or if we say precisely it’s a vr ready headphones that have based on wired connectivity and feature an immersive sound experience that users of VR never heard of before.

Included Accessories

  • PRO Gaming Headset
  • Oculus Quest 2 Cable
  • Passive noise-isolating leatherette ear pads
  • Detachable mic with full pop-filter
  • Cable with inline volume and mute for Console/PC
  • PC splitter for separate mic and headphone jacks
  • User documentation

You can fully immerse yourself in the VR environment with no outside distractions thanks to the custom-length cable and passive noise isolation. Specifically designed for the best gaming experience, giving very clear and precise sound imagery for a beautiful VR experience. Also, soft materials let you enjoy your gameplay for a long time effortlessly.

Oritikur Mini In-Ear Earphones

Oritikur Mini in-Ear Earphones specially made for vr headsets like oculus quest 2. It offers a good level of sound quality and immersion, also allows you to enjoy VR without projecting sound to everyone around you.

Precisely made powerful 12mm bigger graphene drivers deliver unbeatable in-ear audio, with natural high-reliability, crisp trebles, and deep bass. It allows you to hear every little detail and bring the game to life! You can clearly reproduce all visual sounds such as footsteps, explosions, firing in the game. This technology lets you gain a tactical advantage over your opponents by hearing them before you even see them.


The best Noise Isolating in-Ear Headphones for oculus quest 2. It comes with a lightweight, and easy to store earphone storage box for not losing your earbuds unwillingly. This is a very durable earbud since it has made with premium wire. Headphone cables with different lengths (Long size: 24.5 “, short size:11.5 “) between the left and right, which is convenient to use.

Because of insulating material, reduces external noise while minimizing the sound leakage. The ergonomic in-ear design isolates ambient noise. The stereo sound giving a comfortable listening experience, without fatigue during long games.

Also, it features an In-ear design, Powerful heavy brass, Stereo sound, 360° Surrounding high clarity sound and fully compatible with Oculus Quest 2.

Stealth 350 VR Gaming Headphone

Stealth 350 Virtual Reality Gaming Headset is a universal headphone for every VR user. That means it’s compatible with every vr headset rather than focus on a single vr headset. But you will get the best experience with the PlayStation headset or PS4 console while gameplay.


  • Speakers: 50mm Speakers with Neodymium Magnets
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Ear-cup Design: Over-Ear (Closed)
  • Microphone Design: Unidirectional Noise-Cancelling Gaming Microphone

It’s a wireless headphone that’s bind with an incredibly powerful battery that is able to backup for more than 30 hours. Also, these headphones feature Variable Bass Boost, Mic Monitoring, Detachable Noise Cancelling technology, Lightweight and Ergonomic design which will fit with most vr headsets including oculus quest 2.

AMVR Noise Isolating Earbuds

The best vr compatible AMVR Noise Isolating Earbuds provides the ultimate immersive sound experience. The AMVR Noise Isolating Earbuds ensure your fully immersive gameplay via high-quality 10mm neodymium-magnet drivers which deliver impressive audio with clear highs, crunchy mid-tones, and powerful bass to ensure your fully immersive gameplay.

Each earbuds features different colors such as blue and red, marked with “L” and “R” which indicates left and right side of the ear. Also, this earbud provides 360-degree surround 3D sound effects, which are calibrated by direction and distance.

If we talk about the design this thing is made of aluminum alloy and TPE materials, which are durable, lightweight, and have a custom 9.3-inch and 18.3-inch cable length, that can avoid hooks and make you relieved.

1Mii Oculus Quest 2 Headphones

The 1Mii Oculus Quest 2 Headphone is compatible with Oculus quest, quest 2, and Oculus rif s. It comes at an cheap price, available on amazon which will cost you only $15. But why should you buy this item! let’s talk about this.

It’s designed for vr headsets like oculus quest 2, provide you with the ultimate immersive sound experience. Each earbud features dual 10mm and 6mm speakers, one for clear highs/mids and another for bass to ensure fully immersive VR gameplay. It’s packed with dual speakers to provide deep bass, crunchy mid-tones, and clear treble.

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud

Though Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud did not design to use with vr headsets it’s compatible with oculus quest 2 and valve index. We personally tested it through connected with our quest 2 vr headset and it works perfectly.

It’s easy to enjoy deep bass responses because of an integrated mic and smartphone playback control. The Extra Bass design high-energy neodymium magnets and 12mm driver units produce powerful sound and the hybrid silicone earbuds ensure a secure fit in your ear.

The hybrid silicone earbuds provide long-lasting comfort and are designed to overcome ambient noise. The sizes included are x-small, small, medium, and large earbuds.

Amavasion VR Gaming Earphones

Amavasion VR Gaming Earphones with the Oculus Quest 2 create an ultimate immersive sound experience. Each earbud features a high-quality 10mm dynamic driver and “UltraFlex” silicone wire styled to look great with the vr headsets. It provides deep bass, crunchy mid-tones, and clear treble to ensure fully top-notch gameplay.

It features 51cm Single sound channel earphones, built-in with a 10mm dynamic driver, and support frequency response with 20Hz-20kHz.

High sensitivity for 101.6±3 dB @ 1 kHz SPL and low impedance for 16 ohms. Amavasion VR Gaming Earphones Single Channel separate left and right calibrated headphones deliver 3D 360 degree sounds.

This earbud is capable of both Deep Prismic Sounds and Light Fluttery Ambiance and is specifically designed and optimized for the Oculus Quest 2.

Orzero Earbuds

Orzero Earbuds are compatible with oculus quest 2 and oculus rift s. It has tons of amazing features for immersive gameplay such as upgraded durable graphene speakers 3D 360°, enclosing High Clarity Sound with Custom Non-Disturbing Length.

Each earbud Orzero is made with high-quality strong and durable premium wire, the different lengths between right and left size can neglect the neck, no need to worry about tangled up with a mess. Hook&Loop can help you fixing the earbud in the position of your head.

It comes with 4 extra replaceable earplugs, more choice to get fits on your ear and you don’t need to use the same type of dirty earplug again and again.

TNE In-Ear HiFi Earphones

Fully immerse yourself in the VR world with TNE in-Ear Headphones which is specially made for oculus quest 2. It’s a custom-length cable that offers silicon earbuds that hit the direct sound into your ears only.

  • Excellent fit
  • Left and right marking
  • fully articulating arms
  • comfortable
  • thick for earpads
  • breathable pressure on-ear

Each earphone is equipped with rich quality magnet drivers offering impressive sound with clear highs, crisp mids, and powerful bass for the best gaming experience.

These headphones provide deep bass, crunchy mid-tones, and clear treble to ensure fully immersive gameplay. In case if you’re not satisfied with these earbuds then you can contact them for a 100% refund because they said user satisfaction is their top priority.

OQ9 Earbuds Earphones

This OQ9 Earbud Earphone is the best headphone for the oculus quest. These are marked with “L” and “R” and only produce one channel of audio each. Each earbud features a high-quality 10mm dynamic driver and UltraFlex silicone wire styled to look great with the Oculus Quest.

Each earbud provides deep bass, crunchy mid-tones, and clear treble to ensure fully immersive gameplay. Deliver 3D 360 Degree Sounds – Calibrated by Direction and Distance.

Adam colle said about this OQ9 Earbud ” I’ve been using normal in ear buds with my Quest 2 since I got it because I am not a fan of the built-in speakers. The cable is much too long so I taped it up but it looks bad and it’s not ideal.” Also added ” These headphones are the perfect length for the Quest 2 and the sound quality is fine. These aren’t super high-end earbuds but they are so much better than the stock speakers and better than the cheap Panasonic buds I was using.”

Skullcandy Set In-Ear Earbud

Skullcandy Set in-Ear Earbud comes with Lightning Connector and the truly compatible earbuds for oculus quest 2. This is an IPX4 Sweat and Water Resistant earbud. It features Noise-Isolating Fit for the best experience while oculus gameplay. Also, it has a built-in microphone, Call and Track Control.

There are some pro tips for you in case Skullcandy’s get broken over time. It has a great sound quality but they do not always last. However, the company has an amazing warranty of 2-years on any product. If your earbuds break, go to Skullcandy’s website, fill out a form and mail them back. You will receive a new pair in 2-weeks! The best part is, the warranty form only asks for a purchase date but no proof of purchase, they make it very easy and they really stand by their products


What headphones do you use with Oculus Quest 2?

The best vr quest 2 headphones can be wired or wireless and should be featured noise-canceling technology, comfortable fit, perfect bass, an immersive sound experience that can be tuning out the vr world around you, and also got fit in a 3.5 mm jack.

Do Bluetooth headphones work with Oculus Quest 2?

If you’re facing a problem with wired headphones while playing with oculus quest 2 then go for the Bluetooth wireless headphones. Any type of Bluetooth headphones should work fine with oculus quest 2. Just go to the settings, and navigate to experimental features, look for Bluetooth pairing option and click to connect your headset with bluetooth headphones.

Does Oculus Quest 2 have a mic?

Oculus quest 2 offers a built-in mic as well as speakers that works while chatting through vr. They are completely self-contained, which means they don’t require any additional equipment to operate. Even after that if you need an external headset with mic feature then go with Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset and Logitech G333 VR earphones in our list.

how to connect headphones to oculus quest 2?

Set up a headphones with oculus quest 2 is so easy that you don’t need to see any tutorial on youtube. Just make sure your headphones have 3.5 mm audio jack, plug the headphone into the audio port which located right side of your oculus quest 2 headset and enjoy.


Earphones and headphones for vr headsets can be quite expensive and many people look for the best deals on the market. This is where we come in and help you find the best deals on earbuds and headphones for oculus quest 2.

MAximum headphones on our list come for under $150 price range, and the best earbuds for vr oculus quest 2 will cost you only below $40.

There are too many things to consider before buying the best headphones for vr such as connectivity, noise-canceling, price, bass, comfortability, and many more. So better to take your time while choosing the right headphones for oculus quest 2.

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