Can You Use Oculus Quest 2 While Charging?

First and foremost, Oculus Quest 2 is the newest more advanced self-contained VR experience in a lightweight headset. It is more powerful than the original quest, requires the best quest 2 router to run it smoothly, and also has an internal rechargeable battery with 3640mAh (lithium-ion) that covers 2-3 hours.

It can be charged using a USB-C power adapter that comes with the headset. Another thing is Oculus Quest 2 charging dock that will charge both headset and controllers.

But, for serious game lovers, it is not quite impressive for playing 3 hours, and at exactly that time they need coverage to extend the battery life for continuing games.

Therefore, the question comes to mind Can I use Oculus Quest 2 while charging?

The answer is, yes! Definitely, you can use quest 2 during playtime by using the official Elite strap with a battery or using an external battery pack or power bank or USB Cable connection, or Oculus Link Cable.

So, Dear Game lovers, here are some tips that might help you to play virtual games with your quest 2 via connecting through pc or vr laptop frequently and virtually.

4 Best Way To Charge Oculus Quest 2 While Playing

1. Elite Strap With Battery

The best option to charge your quest during playtime with more flexibility because it just not only provides superfluous support and comfort for your Head and Neck but also offers the extension of VR sessions. Mostly, it can extend the battery life into 5-6 hours that means gamers can play a single session without any interruption.

Isn’t it exciting to play with these accessories! Moreover, Oculus Quest 2 and Elite strap with battery utilize “Optimized Battery Charging”. It takes multiple factors into account in order to provide the best overall charging and usage experience. This means the battery may not charge 100% at all times while in use.

2. External Battery Packs

This is an excellent idea to charge your quest while playing. Using a power bank or an external battery pack is a fantastic solution for serious gamers.

You can keep this in your pocket or connect it directly to your headset. Also, you can buy USB-A to C cord for connecting your quest with the battery pack.

Besides, it will give you a cordless VR experience, and don’t need to worry about stretching cable on the floor. There are several types of power banks or battery packs in the market like Anker Core power 10, 000.

The Oculus quest2 battery capacity is around 3640MAH for running the official 3 hours that means the quest2 battery output is about 1200 MAH.

I should recommend buying a low output battery bank and starting charging only after you have drained your quest to battery about 20 or 80 percent that will keep your quest within this safe voltage zone between 20 and 80 for longer.

When your quest reaches 80, try to disconnect the power bank. Because, if you want to prolong the battery life, then allow the device to discharge as slow as possible and keep the charge between 20-80%.

3. USB Cable Connection

The Oculus Quest2 provides a cable that is 6meter long which means you can keep playing while charging. But, you can use another USB cable that offers durability, length, thickness, and affordability.

Furthermore, you can use a USB to USB-C angled adapter which keeps it closer to the headset makes the setup a lot neater. Be advised, to not use any quick charger.

4. Oculus Link Cable

Oculus link is a blazing-fast-fiber-optic cable providing an ideal 5meter (16 Feet) playing range. It delivers exceptional performance for PC VR gamin on your quest 2 while powering the headset at one time.

To use the Oculus link players need the Oculus PC app, make sure the Oculus PC software version is up to date and Quest is running the latest operating system. Also read, best graphics card for quest 2

Another thing, the Oculus link worked on an active USB-a extension repeater cable which is 9meter long.

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